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INN | DELI SERDANG (SUMUT) – Tahtan Outbound, Indonesia – Kooffe Anak Alam, a gaming community known for its focus on nature and the environment, is holding a spectacular offline-based Mobile Legends tournament at Tahtan Outbound, a beautiful outdoor play location in Patumbak District, Deli Serdang Regency – North Sumatra, Saturday (30/09/2023).

This tournament was hosted by Joko Susilo as Manager of Cafe AA and Riky Yuris as Manager of Tahtan Outbound & Edu Center along with Team Work, and this tournament also attracted the attention of gamers from all over Deli Serdang Regency, especially local gamers in the Patumbak District area, Deli Serdang Regency who wanted to unite passion for gaming with love for nature.

With the stunning natural backdrop of Tahtan Outbound, this tournament is not just about Mobile Legends competition, but also about building environmental awareness.

Participants and visitors are expected to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the location, in line with Kooffe Anak Alam’s enthusiasm to contribute to nature conservation.

This tournament features more than 100 teams competing in fierce competition, with main prizes in the form of Trophies, Certificates and Coaching Money from the Organizing Committee. Apart from that, visitors can also enjoy various natural activities, such as hiking, rafting and camping, all of which are provided by Tahtan Outbound.

Founder of Tahtan Outbound & Edu Center, Budi Lesmono (50 years old) stated, “We want to prove that gaming and love of nature can come together in an extraordinary experience, through this tournament we hope that participants can experience the natural beauty of Tahtan Outbound and feel inspired to protect the environment, and hopefully in the future this activity will be carried out regularly.”

The event lasted for 1 full day from morning to evening with a spirit of competition and love of nature that united the participants.

The Mobile Legends tournament at Tahtan Outbound is clear proof that gaming can be a tool to spread positive messages about environmental conservation, while still having fun in the amazing outdoors.(red)